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· Facility status:
Total architectural area: 68000 square meters

· Facility location:
No.1,4th Industrial Road, Nansha Economic Development Area, Guangzhou, China

· the staff status
Total employees: 350
Top management: 8
Product engineers: 5
Process technicians: 10
Sales people: 8
Quality division: 7
Designers: 4

·Machinery and production lines
Introduced from German, Japan, Korea, Taiwan region and China mainland.Color printing, binding, surface treatment, such as research and development of advanced equipment, dozens of sets of production lines, professional production of high-grade household paper and office paper products

·Sources of Production material
Most of production material is from Japan, Korea, Taiwan region and China mainland.

·Easy geographical position and location
he enterprise is located in Guangzhou City, Nansha District, the geographical position is superior, transportation convenience, in 1 hours in Nansha port, Yantian port, Nansha port, Guangzhou International Airport, Shenzhen International Airport, adjacent to Hongkong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, has a perfect business matching service;

By air : 60 km away from New Baiyun Airport , 45 km away from Shenzhen Airport.

By ocean: 50 km away from Yantian Port, 15 km away from the Nansha Goods Terminal, 12 km away from the Nansha Ferry Terminal with 1 hour ocean round trip to Hong Kong and over twenty times of ferry lines one day.

Land transportation: By Nansha Port expressway running through the whole Nansha scenic area
and crossing with Beijing-Zhuhai expressway and Humen expressway, the Nansha highway
network extends to South China Expressway, Guangzhou Circular Expressway and
Guangzhou-Shenzhen expressway, to make Nansha district connect closely with main cities
around the Pearl River Delta like Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen and so on to form a
three-dimensional transport network. Metro Line 4 through the main area of Guangzhou city, with
30 minutes of ride to reach Guangzhou downtown.

The company is well equipped with full living facilities, including multi-activity room,library, basketball court, orderly and hygienic canteen with 1,000 people accommodation and other live entertainment facilities. The plant is well decorated with green trees and colorful flowers around the plant with coverage rate over 25%. It is an ideal place to work and life to give each of customer or guest a comfortable and warm feeling like at home.

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