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   Jinyi Paper Products & Printing Co. Ltd. was founded in 1993 in Guangzhou,South of China. The company started its business with the vision of innovative mode and core competition, and has operated ODM production and service steadily in notebooks, gift boxes, greeting cards and other lifestyle paper products and office supplies. In the past 20 years, it has become an innovative printing service provider with independent intellectual property rights, and business integration service system including OEM R&D, production and marketing. This is only the first step for Jinyi in business development planning. Jinyi people have been adhering to the "autonomous development concept innovation, entrepreneurship, development and win-win". Success resulted in today is inevitable.

  Jinyi Paper Products & Printing Co. Ltd. is located in a beautiful environment with a natural harbor -- Nansha District, Guangzhou China. Relying on the advantage of transportation hub for shipping by inland, sea and air at Nansha district, it is only 40 minutes by car from the company location to the Nansha seaport, only 1 hour and a half driving to the Shenzhen seaport, and 1 hour and 20 minutes to the Huangpu seaport. It takes around 1 hour by speedboat from the Nansha Ferry Wharf to Hong Kong. To reach the Guangzhou International Airport, it is 1 hour and 40 minutes driving, and 40 minutes only to the Shenzhen International Airport. The traffic here is quite convenient. The location is close to the urban areas of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Hong Kong, Macao and other business development regions, providing with completed business matching service. The advantage of Jinyi: - 68,000 square meters of the plant area with more than 500 skilled workers as the elite team. - Dozens of offset color printing, packaging, binding equipments and other advanced machinery grouping in production lines. - Effective production capacity. Jinyi company greatly explores overseas business and sticks with a number of customers to strike up a specific business mode of all in one with design, production, marketing and service, specializing in manufacturing high-end notebooks, gift boxes, greeting cards and other lifestyle paper products and office supplies. All these have gained a great reputation and competitive ability in markets.

  Jinyi people initially appear with creativity idea, and endeavor on product development reflecting the essence of design itself. In order to present life on product designs, Jinyi people implement the market trends and try to break through the traditional supply and demand relation. Leaning on OEM manufacturing as a platform, we proceed to the mutual creativity with customers closely, and create idea and raw materials sourcing as per their requirements, providing various vogues stuffs from China local market for further product development. We are also keen on working together with customers for an idea or thinking on products by providing cutter guides or templates,white samples,plotter samples and approval samples, so as to achieve the design on products as perfect as possible.

  Tailor-made and elaborate ability on fancy paper products and office supplies is the key support of Jinyi company to hit the market.The major orientation stays on high-end notebooks for office, luxury gift boxes and greeting cards for lifestyle.We devote ourselves to the detail and refinements on these products with more value added,such as sculptured embossing,debossing,foil stamping,laser cutting,UV glitter,gilding,gems and other surface treatment.

  Jinyi company seeks innovation for further developing.The quality assurance on products is crucial and the key factor to ensure further developing consecutively. On quality control, we have instituted a complete inspection routine throughout R & D and production, such as utilizing advanced testing equipments to inspect the incoming materials,so as to obtain the quality control of the source from the beginning of the production.We have implemented ISO9001:2008 quality management system,FSC®-COC(FSC®-C107781) Forest Chain of Custody.We concern quality and take responsibility to eliminate any defective issue occurred on the market. Everyone in Jinyi always bears in mind of Quality Control.

  In order to better realize the corporate vision, Jinyi company endows with the highest orientation on the basis of OEM business mode, that is to extend the industrial chain. Under the mutual cooperation based on R & D for customers, with advantages of China and the company, we are trying to establish a one-stop service commercial mode based on R & D, design, production, warehousing logistics and inspection agency services so as to obtain greater value together with our business partners.

  Jinyi people adhere to the concept of "Honesty, Hardworking, Comity, Enterprising together", and the business philosophy of "Tireless Innovation, Constantly breakthrough". Based on "Respect nature with benevolence, To tolerance can be a great" as company’s culture, everyone in the team conducts to create maximum value for customers and employees, and dedicate to the society. The company has accredited the certificate of GSV, BSCI so that we have the courage to bear the social compliance, and go forwards harmoniously with "Awareness, Recognition, Consensus ,Resonance".

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