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1、Development and design

Jinyi people initially appear with creativity idea, and endeavor on product development reflecting the essence of design itself. In order to present life on product designs, Jinyi people implement the market trends and try to break through the traditional supply and demand relation. Leaning on OEM manufacturing as a platform, we proceed to the mutual creativity with customers closely, and create idea and raw materials sourcing as per their requirements, providing various vogues stuffs from China local market for further product development. We are also keen on working together with customers for an idea or thinking on products by providing cutter guides or templates,white samples,plotter samples and approval samples, so as to achieve the design on products as perfect as possible.

2、Sampling ability

Based on one professional, strong and efficient sampling team, Jinyi always can develops well-made samples with an effective and accurate manner in a short lead-time.

3、Economy and purpose

Jinyi has been keeping launching new designs and products every year to keep its competitive strength in the market, with strong creative idea, abundant knowledge and considerate humanization melt in the product, to meet various consumption taste and request from different countries and regions.

Every successful case is based on full familiarity with the enterprise status, company position and the market change trend. Every living masterpiece is practiced repeatedly and tried even hundreds of times. By virtue of all available resource and abstracted essence Jinyi always supply what you want at any case.

To cooperate with Jinyi, to enjoy first-rate design product and innovative design concept, to own Jinyi’s professional, thoughtful and perfect service.

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