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In order to better realize the corporate vision, Jinyi company endows with the highest orientation on the basis of OEM business mode, that is to extend the industrial chain. Under the mutual cooperation based on R & D for customers, with advantages of China and the company, we are trying to establish a one-stop service commercial mode based on R & D, design, production, warehousing logistics and inspection agency services so as to obtain greater value together with our business partners.

Development: We own one first-rate design team with abundant industrial experience from well-known design institutions and corporate overall the China mainland. Innovative packaging design and product structures bring the customer new consumption taste and differentiates the competition vantage. We bring the customers the direct, vivid and easy design intention and product by dynamic 3D simulation.

Service: In order to supply consistent, stable and high quality we implement the strict, professional and standard production & quality system and procedure per lasting and various lots of products request from the customers.

Delivery: Quick reaction and flexible adjustment offers the customers’ delivery request JIT.

Cost: We offer the competitive printing, packaging, product manufacturing and logistics service under customer’ cost budget.

Sampling: Our professional sampling team offers the customer high quality of template, dummy and mock-up samples, and we have been aiming to make our sampling job quicker, better and more valued to our customers.

Technology: We are equipped with exquisite pre-press facilities like large-size HP printer, ESPON digital proof printer, Apple computers, Aoke automatic sampling machine and the latest GMG color management system, with advanced quality management, production processing and procedure system etc, to supply the customer complete, efficient product and project solution and so on.

Support: We established PMC division to control well the sampling progress, production schedule and production materials etc. And we offers one-stop service.

Strategy communication – design & development – material purchase – sampling – bulk production – product assembly & packaging - delivery

Multi-directions customer service: Project Manager responsible system, one to one exclusive service

       Full printing and related post-press processes ability to the high end customers overall the world.

       TPM scene improvement and project management system.

       Multi-accredited by ISO9001:2008, GSV, FSC® etc.

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